Wood Pallets

Northland Pallet, Inc. understands the pallet business and carries an inventory of standard pallet sizes. This allows us to quickly turn around customer orders.

  • New Pallets
    We build new pallets in-house. Our automated nailing machines produce a consistent, quality pallet that meets customer’s specifications.
  • Recycled Pallets
    When we pickup pallets, they are inspected and repaired based on our high standards. All pallets are put back into excellent condition before being sent to a customer.
  • Custom Pallets
    We can custom build pallets based on your specifications. Our administrative staff can also help design pallets to meet your needs.
  • Heat Treating
    Our in-house heat treatment facility is computer controlled and meets the “ISPM-15 export standards” requirement.

Landscape Mulch

Northland Pallet, Inc. produces natural and colored mulch based on customer requirements. Our state-of-the-art grinder is located indoors and protected from the elements, which helps to create a more consistent product. New wood as well as recycled wood is mulched. The system also removes old nails, which are then sent to a metal recycling facility. There is virtually no waste.

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