From nail guns to automated pallet equipment, Northland Pallet uses the latest technology available. We implemented a new repair line in 2008 that features bar coding and automated pallet stackers. The bar coding system allows us to track every pallet that is received into our warehouse. Each phase is monitored: from dismantling to repair and finally to shipping. This system guarantees that we know exactly who was handling the pallet and when they were handling it. Our customers expect the best service, and the highest quality pallets, and that’s exactly what this system ensures.

Northland Pallet is a zero waste company. All material is reused or recycled. We use a state-of-the-art grinder that creates landscape mulch and extracts nails for recycling. Used pallets are repaired or sent to the grinder depending on their condition. Scrap wood from new pallets is also ground, leaving no waste.

Northland Pallet has programs to recover pallets, plastic, corrugated and steel. With semi-tractors and dock trucks, we have the proper equipment to pick up any number of pallets, and will do so in a very timely fashion. Depending on quantities we will leave a trailer if necessary.

Northland Pallet, Inc.
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